To give them the opportunity and confidence to do things they would otherwise not have access to.

To help them overcome hardship and adversity to lead better lives.

Distribution of funds

Each charity has to be approved on behalf of the IGFY Board of Trustees. This is generally done by the Chairman or a nominated trustee for each event.

A Duke of Edinburgh Cup event may go ahead only when:

  • The expected level and the distribution of all funds raised are agreed
  • Those charities nominated and agreed fall within the remit of IGFY
  • The Chairman or trustee responsible is certain that the organiser of the event, and those charities benefitting, are properly managed, and funds will be properly accounted for

All cleared funds raised are normally distributed  to the agreed charity in the name of the event and sponsors in the country holding the event.

A lot of our events are in support of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, to see how they support young people across the globe please visit their website.


Over £4,000,000 donated to worthy causes

We are proud to support The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, supporting young people across the globe.