The Series:

The Qualifying Events and the World Finals are to be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as laid down by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, the USGA and any Local Rule that the golf club has in place.

If there is any difference between the Men’s and Ladies par / standard scratch / slope, handicaps are to be adjusted in accordance with the relevant National Golf Union guidelines.

It is to be an Individual Stableford net competition, using full handicap with a maximum, (after adjustments for difference in any stroke allowance), of up to 28 for Men and 36 for Ladies.

It is primarily an individual event, but local organisers may, with the prior agreement of International Golf for Youth, run the tournament as a pairs competition.

Distance only Measuring / GPS devices are allowed for the duration of the whole series including the World Finals.


Qualifying events:

International Golf for Youth will determine the number of qualifiers from each event. The agreed number of players with the best net Stableford scores over 18 holes either Male or Female will qualify for the World Finals.

At the qualifying event, contestants must have a current valid handicap to qualify for the World Finals. Validity is to be in accordance to the rules of the National Golf Association of the country holding the event. Non resident contestants must produce a current valid proof of handicap from their own National association. Any adjustment needed, will be calculated using this.

Because of duty of care a qualifier must be 18 years or older on the start date of the World Finals.


These will be decided by count back of the last nine, six, three, two and final hole of the course regardless of the order played, if still the same then the last six, three, two and final hole of the front nine.

If there is still no result there will be a sudden death play off using Stableford scoring with full handicap.


World Finals:

The finals will consist of three separate competitions run concurrently, ‘The Duke of Edinburgh Cup’ for national qualifiers only, ‘The Invitational Trophy’ for guests and supporters, and the Pairs Trophy for all contestants.

The players with the top two aggregate net Stableford scores over 36 holes in “The Duke of Edinburgh Cup” will be Winner & Runner Up. Players with the top aggregate scores in the other two concurrent events will be winners.

To win a trophy the contestants must produce a current valid National handicap certificate or Electronic proof at the commencement of the World Finals.


These will be decided by count back of:

  1. Second round scores.
  2. If the scores are the same then as ties above using the second round, if still the same then the first round scores using the same format will be taken into account.

If still the same there will be a sudden death play off.


All decisions on the rules during the whole series will be decided by IGFY and the relevant tournament organisers whose decision shall be final

The series is approved by the R & A for the payment of expenses;

Rule 4-2g/RA/5/2018